New Job!

A lot has changed in the last few months, beginning with the start of a new job at a manufacturing plant across town. I started back in August and things hae really improved including my finances and overall outlook on life. I’m now in the Union of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, who have worked with management to close the plant during this incredibly cold polar vortex that has frozen Wisconsin today. I make more money than I’ve made in my life. Plus I finally have a regular schedule. I’m also working in the medical field, specifically assembling anesthesia machines to be shipped around the world. The increased income from the new job has even allowed me to buy the new (refurbished) tablet and keyboard I’m currently using to write to you. Overall, life is good and I couldn’t ask for more.

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New Vidme Channel

Things have been changing almost constantly in the Youtube Universe (Youtubeverse?). Every now and then these changes take the form of migrations to alternate video hosting sites like Dailymotion and Vimeo, only for some to find these platforms to be lacking in some way. It seems one the newest and most popular to crop up is Vidme.

I’ve been talking to my fellow live streamer, Matt Winchell, who says he’s had quite a bit more success on Vidme than the other places. He gets more views, connects more easily with other producers, and he can collect tips without the hassle of Google’s Adsense. So, I’ve decided to start uploading some of my stuff over there, starting with the Secret World Legends videos. You can start watching here:

EDIT: Vidme has unfortunately shut down. Good thing I didn’t invest too much time in it.

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I’m on Patreon! Finally!!

After 5+ years of hemming and hawing, rewriting, re-editing, reposting and wondering whether or not it was really worth going through a crowd funding campaign, I have finally launched my Patreon page:

Patreon Screen 2

You can’t imagine what this means to me to even come this far. The live streams for Anarchy Online have been doing really well, despite my graphics card starting to fail:

And I’ve quite a few people on Twitch who want to see me keep going. Now I have a way to reward them a little more directly through the rewards program on Patreon. While I’ll have digital stuff available such as banners and avatars for the lowest level donations, I intend on sending out physical items like trading cards and digital prints for higher tier supporters.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about how this will pan out, if it ever does, but I at least I tried. Hopefully, starting up a Patreon is only the first step really improving on the quality and quantity of my productions. We’ll have to see what the future holds.


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Farewell to Carrie Fisher


I was in the prep kitchen of the deli at Metcalfe’s Market Hilldale quickly panning up the rotisserie chickens and seasoning them for cooking. One of my co-workers over in Artisan Cheese had come over to wash a cutting board, when he turned to me:

“Did you hear the news?”


“Carrie Fisher died.”

At first I thought he was kidding me. BBC News had reported her in stable condition after suffering a heart attack on a flight from London to L.A. Many of us, her fans, thought everything was going to be okay. Some of my more crass friends even told bad jokes about how we’d recently sacrificed George Michael to 2016. The deadly year wasn’t allowed to take Carrie Fisher, too. I simply couldn’t believe it.

I have been a Star Wars fan for quite a long time, after seeing the original when I was five-years-old. For the next few years, I would dig up whatever movie books I could find in the school library and at old junk shops in town. I would try to find and watch other movies in which the stars of Star Wars had appeared. I was thrilled while watching Blues Brothers to see Carrie Fisher show up once again in a badass persona, this time carrying a rather large assault rifle and hunting down the titular characters of that movie. Much later, I learned she had written a memoir, but I was too scared to read it thinking it might taint my image of her as Princess Leia.

I think I will read it now. Especially upon learning about her advocacy for the treatment of mental illness and the fact that she suffered from bipolar disorder, an illness my dad was diagnosed with a few years ago. I’m learning a lot about her now that she has passed on. I wish I had taken the time and saved the money to possibly meet her in person. I heard she was wonderful.

R.I.P. Carrie Fisher – ” [She] drowned in moonlight, strangled by [her] own bra.”

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Lounge L33ts 21: The Salty Sailor Tavern (WoW)

Kevin “Ojunix” Skiles joins us for a detailed look at World of Warcraft including discussions on the new Legion expansion, Pet Battle System, Crafting, the frustrations of PvP on a PvE realm, and plenty of Lore, Lore, and more Lore! Randy also discusses his first extensive playthrough of the popular MMORPG and his overall feelings about the game. This episode was the most labor intensive of Lounge L33ts yet with lots of still pictures and video overlay to help break things up and illustrate our discussion points. For our first video on WoW, check out our episode on the Wyverns Tail:

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The Secret World Live Stream Series

Since leaving (temporarily) World of Warcraft to explore new(er) things, Matt, Randy, Barry, and me have been slowly carving our way through content in The Secret World. We’ve just started into Innsmouth Academy and the plan is to get through Blue Mountain by the end of November. Ran is ambivalent about heading into Egypt as it was not his favorite area, so we may be stopping once we finish Solomon Island and turn our attention to Anarchy Online again (one of our viewers wants to meet with on AO). You can chat with us during the live streams on Twitch:

Or you can catch up on our past experiences on the Youtube playlist:

Don’t forget to review the original Lounge L33ts episode for TSW as these live streams are prepping us to do another podcast about TSW soon:

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Lounge L33ts Episode 20: Yehara’s Mirage (Blade & Soul)

Blade & Soul was the newest hotness of this past spring, so despite it being a NCSoft title, we decided to check it out. The intense combat style, interesting story, and gorgeous graphics are all major attractions here. Add in some great dungeons and it seems we have a winner of a game here.

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Poll: Which MMO features interest you the most?

Here’s an interesting poll from Bio Break. My personal favorites for MMORPG features are exploration, crafting, quest grinding, lore, and interactivity with the world.

Bio Break

Choose all that apply!

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An Hour of WoW a Day

Three years ago, I embarked on a little project to help get into the habit of live streaming video game footage on a regular basis. Featuring both solo play as well as teaming with friends, I would stream an hour of World of Warcraft a day.

Why WoW? My friends all played almost exclusively on City of Heroes and they all seemed to hate WoW. Add in a lot of the general negativity towards the game and a lack of knowledge about the franchise in general, and I wound up passing up WoW for other games. With CoH gone, it was WoW’s time to step up and snag me as a fan and give me a chance to find a new MMO home.

The biggest obstacle, outside of hardware and/or software failure, was my varying schedule at my day job. It soon became a very real problem as I struggled to find time to even stream one hour of game time on at a regular pace. I invited Matt Winchell on to once again give the game another try in an effort to make the stream a little more interesting. Since Matt was an unpaid player, the max level on all his characters was twenty. We rolled a couple of Forsaken and began making our way through Tirisfal and succeeded in at least reaching that level cap.

About six months later, I returned to the concept with “The Rebirth of WoW” series, which featured Matt and myself grinding levels on the Rebirth private vanilla server. This only lasted a few episodes before we got bored and moved on to other things.

Now we’ve started up the daily series again on the retail servers. So far, we’ve been able to keep churning out episodes and it’s my goal to keep going until this year’s Geek.Kon where Matt and I will be away on staff. I also plan on pre-recording episodes to publish during the con.

You can catch up with the original series as well as the continuation on my Youtube channel here:



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Guild Wars 2 Explorer: The Stranger Things of Tyria series

A while back I mentioned I was working on a new series for the Funcurve website. Well, it’s finally here as a 10 part exploration series for Guild Wars 2. In fact Part 5 just came out not too long ago, but you can find the rest of the series on the website here:

Guild Wars 2 Explorer: The Stranger Things of Tyria #1

Guild Wars 2 Explorer: The Stranger Things of Tyria #2

Guild Wars 2 Explorer: The Stranger Things of Tyria #3

Guild Wars 2 Explorer: The Stranger Things of Tyria #4

The idea is that of a photo journal with a narrative attached to it, along with both short video clips capturing the most intense fights and a link to the full live stream video on demand. The live streams air every other Monday at 8:30pm (if I’m not working) or 9:30pm., the finale airing Monday (6/13/2016).

I play Kat Omaly, a woman who sets out to document a mysterious dark energy coming emanating from the southern areas of Queensdale. Braving centaur attacks and wild beasts, she comes to learn the Shadow Behemoth in Gods Lost Swamp is just the beginning of what could be the end of the world.

The VODs are up to episode 9 on my Youtube Channel, and I’ve taken advantage of the free level 80 instant upgrade for the Heart of Thorns expansion to help push the story into game content that might be more relevant to fans. These videos won’t have the story attached, as I usually play fast and loose when it comes to live streaming, but you’ll be able to see most of my game progress by watching these. When this series ends,  I would like to be able to pick it up again later, or apply the same concept to a different game.

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