The Secret World Live Stream Series

Since leaving (temporarily) World of Warcraft to explore new(er) things, Matt, Randy, Barry, and me have been slowly carving our way through content in The Secret World. We’ve just started into Innsmouth Academy and the plan is to get through Blue Mountain by the end of November. Ran is ambivalent about heading into Egypt as it was not his favorite area, so we may be stopping once we finish Solomon Island and turn our attention to Anarchy Online again (one of our viewers wants to meet with on AO). You can chat with us during the live streams on Twitch:

Or you can catch up on our past experiences on the Youtube playlist:

Don’t forget to review the original Lounge L33ts episode for TSW as these live streams are prepping us to do another podcast about TSW soon:


About romeomoon

I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with an Associates of Science and Art and a Bachelors of Science and Art. I'm the creative lead of the Lounge L33ts podcast, a regular guest on An Unearthly Podcast, write anime reviews and short stories, and create artwork in both digital and traditional media. I am a full time staffer for the Geek.Kon convention in Madison, WI. I am also an avid player of Massive Multiplayer Online Games and live stream various MMORPGs.
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