Furia and the Guardians 10 is now online!

Whether you play CoX or another game, this comic is proof you can bring your own storylines to life!

Battlerock Comics

Meet Fiona Poderes in “Furia and the Guardians” #10!

(Please click on the cover or this link to download the PDF file from MMO Comic Index.)

After all that’s happened in Paragon City this past year, it’s important for the heroes to get caught up on what they know about the attack by the super-powered villain named Destitution.

But they’re not the only ones getting updated on what happened and what they know. Lexie Lothora gets her own update on Destitution as she prepares for the next phase of her operation.

Plus, we finally get to look into the personal life of Furia Powers as she prepares for her first day at work as “Fiona Poderes”. How does this affect Jason Knight’s crusade against the abusive cops in Kings Row? Find out!

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I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with an Associates of Science and Art and a Bachelors of Science and Art. I'm the creative lead of the Lounge L33ts podcast, a regular guest on An Unearthly Podcast, write anime reviews and short stories, and create artwork in both digital and traditional media. I am a full time staffer for the Geek.Kon convention in Madison, WI. I am also an avid player of Massive Multiplayer Online Games and live stream various MMORPGs.
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