City of Heroes “Paragon Chat”: A City All Our Own

Atlas Park After the Fall

Atlas Park After the Fall

When Massively Overpowered broke that City of Heroes had returned in the form of a chat room, I was mildly interested. Then I saw the video posted with the article. It showed a hero running around the game, devoid of powers and with no enemies to fight. However, it was still the game. The costume pieces from Issue 24, the map zones, the original tutorial zones, music and sounds, and even some of the contact and guard NPCs are all there.

Back in 2008, I used to run around not only street sweeping bad guys, but also zooming in on the magazine covers, white boards, and posters to catch any small jokes hidden in plain sight. This was my first true experience in a 3D environment even though it came long after other MMO players had established World of Warcraft as the place to be.

My boyfriend, Randy, joked we should call it “City of Cosplayers” now.

The thing is, it might be empty of all but a few players, but it’s ours for the taking. Instead of fighting enemy NPCs, groups of PCs can dress as Hellions and Skulls and act out conflict. There‚Äôs even greater potential for roleplay and machinima projects without being interrupted by NPCs wanting to pistol whip you. The streets are a bit empty without civilians now, but this could be the next step in getting the game started again. And, yes, City of Titans, Heroes & Villains, and Valliance are all projects to look forward to and support, but this is what we really want. Dated graphics and gameplay and all. This is our true home.


You can download the chat client for PC here (Tequila), complete with the game client and Issue 24 costume sets:,9531.0.html

The Mac client (Island Rum) can be found here:,9502.0.html


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