Lounge L33ts Episode 15: Driftwood Tavern

Having gone on many a hard pressing adventures, we stop to quench our thirst and rest up for the next day’s quests. Whilst staying at the Driftwood Tavern in Neverwinter, we go over our experiences with the game in the past. Matt has been eagerly awaiting us to review this take on the popular D&D location, as it’s one of his favorite MMOs. However, Ran has a very different view of things. Will Matt’s fun be dampened? Is this a game worth getting into? Will someone remember to feed my Gelatinous Cube mount? Stay tuned to find out! Also make sure to watch for a special goody after the credits!


About romeomoon

I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with an Associates of Science and Art and a Bachelors of Science and Art. I'm the creative lead of the Lounge L33ts podcast, a regular guest on An Unearthly Podcast, write anime reviews and short stories, and create artwork in both digital and traditional media. I am a full time staffer for the Geek.Kon convention in Madison, WI. I am also an avid player of Massive Multiplayer Online Games and live stream various MMORPGs.
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