Lounge L33ts Episode 13: Nexus Room Cantina

Classes, Legacy perks, the Cartel Market, and the new Galactic Starfighter area are some of the many topics we go over in the most kickin’ cantina in Dromund Kaas city (Ebon Hawk server). Drenivian joins us again in Ran’s absence to discuss his first MMO along with some of the pros and cons of playing this game. Matt gives his not so subtle impressions of the Galactic Starfighter PvP and goes over the troubles of crafting with a companion that doesn’t quite match your crafting profession. Lean back and let the Force flow through you!


About romeomoon

I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with an Associates of Science and Art and a Bachelors of Science and Art. I'm the creative lead of the Lounge L33ts podcast, a regular guest on An Unearthly Podcast, write anime reviews and short stories, and create artwork in both digital and traditional media. I am a full time staffer for the Geek.Kon convention in Madison, WI. I am also an avid player of Massive Multiplayer Online Games and live stream various MMORPGs.
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