It Doesn’t Open a Tomb

It Doesn’t Open a Tomb


     Yesterday I finished a small depiction of something that happened in my all girls gaming group. After falling through a portal into what was apparently the tomb of a great dragon king, our group was arrested by the nearby dragon population and sent on a series of quests for atonement. Who knew breaking into an ancient tomb and stealing an enormous crown was a crime? This particular quest focused on us scaling a mountain and retrieving half of a magical coin. The young chaotic, volcanic dragon guarding said treasure refused to give up “his shiny,” even though we knew where there were a lot of shinies to exchange for it. In fact, there was a perfectly good dragon crown going to waste not too far off! After negotiations fell through, our Ranger, managed to somersault onto the youngling’s head and up onto the invisible platform where the half-coin lay. Beating a hasty retreat, we stopped to rest and discuss exactly what this thing did, which lead to the following conversation fragment:

      It also lead to this quote:
     “There is a special Hell for people who trick kids into grave robbing. A special Hell.”
     Experiences like this are what I live for; seeing just how insane we can drive each other. Our GM told me once that she was surprised the group was still together. I think it’s due to a healthy mix of intelligence and snark.We teeter just on the cusp of killing each other, but we don’t because we know we’d be missing out on some fun. My half-Orc fighter would be nothing without the utility Fire Genasi, the iniquitous Human Ranger, the half Elf Battlemind, or our long suffering Eladrin Warlock (pictured above with the Orc). Not to mention the string of Clerics we leave behind. No one seems to want to play the Cleric. Also our GM didn’t think we would actually try to reason with the dragon. Sometimes it pays to not kill everything in sight. Did I mention our character alignments were technically “Good?”
     I’d been thinking of doing a picture “someday” of the events of the group, and yesterday, Penny Arcade convinced me to “why the Hell not!” I picked up the newest compilation of the webcomic. The Borders Bookstore I used to frequent and buy these collections at closed down last summer, and the only other bookstore in the mall doesn’t allow you to sit and peruse their wares so much. I snatched it up and read a good chunk of it as I sat waiting for “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy” to start at the theater. I have just picked up on PA again, after wandering away from it back in 2010, or so. As an MMO player, I felt the last book bashed that type of game a little too much. It’s okay to hate MMO’s, just don’t make me pay $15 for the same tired mockery of the genre. The guys seem to have mellowed on that front, though, and as a result, I’m having a lot more fun reading this one. I highly suggest you check it out.

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